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Hypnotherapy in Essex by Stephanie

Supporting you to make the positive changes you deserve

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"You can't affect the cards that are dealt, but you can determine how you play them."

Milton Erickson renowned medical hypnotist

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About Hypnotherapy in Essex

Hypnotherapy in Essex is run by fully qualified hypnotherapist Stephanie Witt, who is a practitioner member of the National Hypnotherapy Society, which is a register that has  been accredited by the Professional Standards Authority. Hypnotherapy in Essex provides the specialist help and support you need to reach your goals. Whether you wish to alleviate stress, face a phobia, become more confident or lose weight, you’ll notice a difference after only a few ​sessions. Reach out today for more information or to set up an appointment.


I am a National Hypnotherapy Society Registrant Member

Accredited by the Professional Standards Authority

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"Steph is by far the most calm and positive person I know and was the only person who could have helped me through my dark thoughts. After the session I was left feeling positive about the future and no longer fearful of the birth of my baby. During every wave I had Steph was in the back of my mind telling me that it was temporary and that it would end. I would recommend her calming influence to anyone. I would go back to Steph time and time again for all stages in life and I am very thankful to her for pulling me out of my cloud of fear." 

Toni, Shoeburyness

"Thank you just doesn't do justice to the help and support that you have given me. After more than thirty years of headaches, jaw pain and unsightly blisters on my tongue I can't describe the joy of finally being able to be in control. Your research, methods and professionalism have left me with an arsenal of ways to contine to control my habit, but it is your warmth and encouragement that have given me the confidence to feel that I can keep it up. I can't thank you enough for changing my life." 

Kym, Leigh on Sea

"I am thrilled with the results of the hypnotherapy sessions that I undertook with Stephanie. I had suffered nightmares for more years than I care to remember and one day enough was enough. Stephanie made me feel at ease from the outset by explaining everything that would happen. The script was personalised and her voice soothing and calming. I can honestly say that it has been over six weeks since I have had a nightmare and I cannot express how grateful I am to Stephanie for her help with this."

Dawn, Rochford

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Pressure Points

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT Explained

I am a fully qualified EFT practitioner and a big advocate for the technique. It is an extremely effective way of providing relief from a plethora of issues from fear to pain management. It works by tapping certain parts of the face and hands and therefore changing the energy flow around the body's meridian points. It has been labelled acupuncture without the needles.

I feel like it goes hand in hand with hypnotherapy, as it provides a quick solution and enables a client to become "unstuck" and so hypnotherapy can commence with an enhanced level of relaxation achieved. 


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In Labour


The route to a natural and positive birth

Hypnobirthing is my speciality and I am passionate about giving you all the knowledge and tools you require for a calm and natural delivery. Together we will learn a deep level of relaxation through hypnosis and also breathing techniques, visualisation and other ways to educate you towards feeling in control and ready for the journey ahead.

I recommend a course of around four sessions, but each person is different and will require a bespoke service. I welcome mothers from three months pregnant onwards and also run early pregnancy and "Any moment now" sessions. Each one is priced at £60 per hour including the initial session which lasts 1.5 hours. 


Treatments by Hypnotherapy in Essex

The Way Forward

Happy Man

Stop Smoking

Through the power of suggestion, you’ll enter a receptive state as you begin to focus on what you need to do in order to Stop Smoking. You’ll remain fully in control throughout the process of uncovering what’s holding you back.

On the Scales

Improve Self Esteem

Delve into the subconscious mind to shift the mental blocks stopping you from being able to improve self esteem. The hypnotic state makes it much easier to explore painful thoughts, feelings or memories and start working to overcome them.

Woman Holding Cigarette

Lose Weight

Use the mind-body link to Lose Weight and see the results you have been seeking. You’ll enter a trance-like state that will give you heightened focus and concentration, making it easier to help you regain control.


Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

Our modern society encourages us to keep on and we can easily get weighed down with life's demands. Hypnotherapy offers you a way out by teaching you to take a step back and utilise your natural coping mechanisms. Whilst in hypnosis you will relax and discover your tension triggers and how to eliminate them.

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Working with Children

Children are ideal for hypnotherapy, as they tend to be very suggestible, because their imaginations have no limitations. I will use different techniques such as storytelling, art and play to engage your child whilst hypnosis changes negative thought processes. This is a great way to alleviate exam nerves, boost self-confidence or ease fears and anxieties.

Stressed Woman

Overcome Fears and Phobias

Living with a fear of heights or having a phobia of spiders can be completely debilitating. Free yourself from these mental restraints by engaging in hypnosis to change negative pathways and get to the real route of the problem enabling you to live the life you choose.

Image by Brendan Church

Pain Management

As science continues to prove that there is a strong link between the mind and the body, we begin to see that pain is not only felt physically but also mentally. Hypnotherapy can really help control and manage pain by engaging with the subconscious mind. 

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Goal Achievement

Are you feeling demotivated and unsure about which pathway to choose? Hypnotherapy can help get you back on track and give you the tools you require to restore your ambition and inject some fresh productivity into your life. 

Woman in Pain


The longing to bring a new life into the world can be all consuming and quickly take over completely. Infertility can be extremely stressful on you and your partner. Hypnotherapy helps by taking away this tension and equipping you with inner strength and making you feel more in control.   


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